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Refill Whole Chamomile Organic Herbal Tea

Refill Whole Chamomile Organic Herbal Tea

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Grown by The British Chamomile Company, the first producer of British-grown organic chamomile herbal tea.

They grow their chamomile organically without the use of artificial fertilisers or chemical sprays.  The flowers are harvested by hand in late summer and the crop is then carefully dried with warm air to retain the essential oil which gives chamomile its distinctive flavour before being blended and packed into jars.

German Chamomile (Matricaria Recutita) is renowned for its calming properties and is often used to aid a good night’s sleep.

Aroma: Floral, hay-like

Taste: Floral, smooth, mellow



Allergen information: May contain traces of gluten, sesame, soya, peanuts, milk, and tree nuts.

Keep in a sealed container, away from moisture and direct sunlight.