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Vodka Pickle Cocktail
Pouring Vodka
Barley and Wheat for Vodka
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Dima's Ukrainian Vodka

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Ukraine has always made delicious vodka but closely guarded their national recipe. Dima's Ukrainian vodka truly sets the new vodka standard.

They use three high quality organic grains: barley, wheat and rye, which gives their vodka a deeper flavour profile, pure crystal clarity and an enviable smoothness. Their unique climate and Ukrainian black ‘supersoil’ enable the very finest conditions for their grains to flourish.

They have proudly created a modern version of the Tryzub (Trident), the national coat of arms of Ukraine as their brand logo, as a mark of respect for Ukraine’s proud history, and to represent their unique three-grain signature blend.

The perfect pairing is a pickle on the side. The saltiness of the pickles perfectly complements the sweet smoothness of Dima’s vodka. Visit Dima's Vodka's website for some more cocktail inspiration.

BUDMO! (Cheers!)