No minimum order. £3.40 for electric cargo bike delivery. Estimated arrival: 2-4 days.

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The Process

Green beans

You Order

1. Choose your favourite foods

2. Select your amounts

3. Place your order

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We Prepare

1. We do a little dance

2. Select and weigh your goods

3. Scoop into reusable packaging

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We Deliver

1. Zip along by e-bike

2. Arrive at your doorstep

3. Refill delivered.

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Founder, Louisa

Inspiration & Motivation

Let's make these desirable changes an obvious choice.

How satisfying would it be to cut out pointless packaging without having to lug containers back and forth?

Has returning home with arms full of single-use plastic left you feeling deflated?

DAUN is motivated by a need to preserve our biodiversity and wilderness, a love of biking, but most importantly an obsession with food.

The Milkwoman for Dry Goods

We plan to reduce the negative impact our consumption has on our planet. To tackle the over-production of single-use goods and delivery emissions.

Bringing together a love of food and biking to help make a positive change for our environment.

I love this service! As a busy person trying to juggle a busy work-life, whilst trying to be as sustainable and healthy as possible, it is great to have finally found a service that has everything I need in my kitchen. The products are great, sustainably packaged and delivered in a green way. I feel like being healthy, eco-friendly and efficient has never been so easy!


I was bragging to all my friends about this delivery, genius!


Daun is the epitome of an intimate business built for its loving community. Amazing foods and lovely service, all sustainably sourced and eco-friendly! You even get it all hand delivered right to your doorstep. Something a lot of businesses should aspire to in the future.


All brilliantly packaged and all have clear storage instructions and weights.


Daun is such a lovely place to buy from, you can tell that they really care about making their products as sustainable as possible, and it made shopping enjoyable.


The coffee is even better than what I get at Coffee Plant!


Such a lovely delivery driver!


My first bag of DAUN goodies looks straight out of a French country market. Using these gorgeous whole foods makes me feel like I'm doing the planet (and my health) a world of good.


I will never buy any of these goods from anywhere else!